welcome to my corner of the internet (^-^)


my anti-bio bio

hi :)

i don't really have an alias other than my username, so i guess yall can stick with that.

or come up with one? could be interestig...

info i think you'll need? i'm 17 and prefer to keep dms to around my age

cuz internet is creepy sometimes so over 21 dni.

you're fine to browse, just dont message me unless it's important.

and, also, if for some reason u need to refer to me, i use he/him.

i'm not super into bios. i feel like putting alllllllllllllll my information in a bio

kinda messes with the steps towards actually getting to know ppl yk?

(which will definitely be an essay subject later...)

n if u dont know it, my username from is an rem song, u should give it a listen :)

but yea, if you want to know more you'll have to actually read through my site or ask.


site info and plans

i only semi know what im doing.

expect typos and broken links while under construction.

if anyone can tell me how to make the sidenav stop moving pls do.

i'll have an essay page, a blog, hoooopefully some clothing diys n stuff too.

and star trek. expect a lot of star trek.

links and things!!




star trek

site manifesto


!!now exiting my site!!