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episode reviews! (spoilers)


"cardassians", ds9


a cardassian orphan adopted by a bajoran family arrives on the station.

after some investigation, they find that dukat had him sent to an orphanage

as a conspiracy to take down another cardassian, pa'dar.

what i like:

the episode does a good job covering a lot of real issues children in postwar countries have.

also, more character development for garak and bashir.

best quote:

"i believe in coincidences. coincidences happen every day. but i don't trust coincidences." -garak

favorite scenes:

bashir getting sassed by sisko when asking for the runabout. it's just so funny.

and the opening is great, they're finishing each other's sentences atp.

best dialouge:

BASHIR: But there's one more question I haven't figured out, Garak. Why did you want to expose Dukat? What's the truth about you and him?

GARAK: Truth, Doctor, is in the eye of the beholder. I never tell the truth because I don't believe there is such a thing. That's why I prefer the straight line simplicity of cutting cloth.

BASHIR: You're not going to tell me.

GARAK: But you don't need me to tell you, my friend. Just notice the details. They're scattered like crumbs all over this table we regularly share. Until next time.


"melora", ds9


an ensign (melora) arrives at ds9 to chart the gamma quadrant. her home planet has very low gravity, so while on the station

she alternates between using a wheelchair and a cane. bashir falls for her like the disaster bi he is.

meanwhile, quark is almost killed.

my commentary:

it's nice to see them covering mobility issues.

(i use forearm crutches, not a wheelchair, but any rep is good!!)

"the cardassians obviously didn't have her in mind when they built this place."

ain't that the truth everywhere? no ramps. no railings. unmarked stairs.

how often *does* anyone have disability in mind when they build stuff?

"once her basic needs are met, she refuses any special assistance. she's extraordinary." hey... bashir?

is that really a good thing? you're a doctor, shouldn't you understand the need for accomodations beyond basic needs?

he does acknowledge that it's not always a good thing later on, though.

i like the arc with her learning that accepting help doesn't automatically make you too dependant. there's a lot of stigma with that,

and the episode addresses it well. bashir's lines arent the most *correct*, but they fit his character and

are pretty accurate for how some people act.

i'll probably add more later, i'm too tired rn to edit more. see yall tmr :)

best quote(s)

"the truth is, there is no 'melora problem' until people create one."

"what kind of an architect would deliberately design a raised rim at the entrance to every door?"

favorite scene(s)

i love the klingon resturaunt guy. and him throwing the plate.

also, odo telling quark he'll buy a piece of him when he dies.

best dialouge:

BASHIR: Was that an attack? You see, you do it so well, with such charm, it's hard to tell.

MELORA: I really don't mean to

BASHIR: Sure you do.

MELORA: I beg your pardon?

BASHIR: Of course, you mean to. All of these broad shots you fire it's your way of keeping the rest of the universe on the defensive. Has to be. You're too good at it.

MELORA: Well, it always seemed to work pretty well. Until now.

BASHIR: That is the nicest thing you've said to me, or anybody else. Are you hungry? I came here thinking about asking you to dinner.

MELORA: Then afterward we'll go dancing, I suppose.


BASHIR: This is astonishing. I can't tell you how curious I was about this.

MELORA: Most people are. Sometimes they make me feel like a carnival attraction. So, usually I prefer to keep everyone out.

BASHIR: Thank you for letting me in.


ODO: Oh. It's you.

QUARK: Don't be so happy to see me.

ODO: All right, I won't.


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